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Hello everyone, just to prove that this blog hasn’t fallen between the cracks to the depths of blog despair, I moved it to its own domain. is the new domain. New post with fantastic photos, giveaways, and restaurant reviews are all in the works. Visit and subscribe to the blog via email alerts, this way when the new site launches, you will be first to know


When is the next post?

“When is the next post? Your blog sucks! one little crap review and your done? ”

Everyone, I promise I will post again. I try to survive live with my inlaws, ok? Small kitchen, no room, and everything is in a box.

Come march 8th that all changes, my wife and I get the keys to our new house! Sweet.

Will I post March 9th? HELL NO!

I have all kinds of things to do, hardwood, blinds, lighting, bla bla bla.

The first post since… The first post, will be a great recipe with great foodography ( I made it up, so what ?) I promise.

Until then…